Thursday, April 20

Hospital debacle revisited

Today I heard from Bill Wimberley at the hospital where Gracie was treated in January. He told me that the mental anguish I experienced was caused by a computer error. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when the receptionist entered my daughter's name into the computer to verify her insurance, the computer spit out information on the previous patient. I wonder if such an error could be recreated, personally. Bill assured me that they informed the company in charge of the program. I should've asked for their number.

Bill told me that this verification program is used by many medical facilities. If his explanation is true, this means any of you might one day be questioned by police officers in an emergency room, doctor's office, clinic, or hospital regarding your own identity or that of someone close to you.

You can clearly see, now, why it would be wise to have microchips implanted in our arms... or, better yet, our foreheads.


  1. They didn't know that they were messin' with Miss Tech Savvy when they tried to throw out the ol' computer error excuse huh?! HA!

    I can just see them trying to tell Tony Carter that he had to PROVE one of our boys was his. I'd have to be taking up donations for bail money.

    How ridiculous!

  2. Well I'd give a donation! I think we'd be in teh same boat if someone tried telling my husband that about one of our kids. One of them is unmistakably his, another looks like a male version of dh's mother and the last one is just a daddy's boy and they could take him when they could pry his daddy out of his cold, dead hands.

    I can't believe they blamed it on the computer. Did you ask him how often that happens?? I mean, it must happen all the time, especially if it's used by so many other medical offices.