Saturday, January 30

Random things that make me happy

  1. snuggling with my kids
  2. cardinals
  3. lilacs
  4. the smell of spring
  5. the smell of fall
  6. the smell of rain
  7. the smell of snow
  8. silence
  9. watching my kids figure something out
  10. getting all the bills paid
  11. the smell of hot sand and pine trees
  12. being home alone
  13. the idea of grandchildren
  14. back rubs
  15. a successful vegetable garden
  16. fresh-picked, sun-warmed plums
  17. setting off on a road trip
  18. a breeze on a hot day
  19. pileated woodpeckers
  20. nap time

1 comment:

  1. I love this list, Heidi! :o) Hugs, Robin