Sunday, June 14

Broiler Update

Remember these little cuties?

Most of them are grown up now.

They're all meaty and tasty-looking, aren't they? I see Stir Fry... Barbecue... Cacciatore... Dumpling... Soup...

Here are our young layers. This is their Amish pose. One of them is clearly not cooperating. Happy free rangers, they are... and that's ok, since they haven't yet discovered the gardens.

All right, you are sentenced to time in the chicken tractor! Just kidding. We put it in for a size comparison. And as you can see, after 7 weeks there's quite a difference.

So if you plan to call or stop by next weekend, we'll be butchering.


  1. I agree. They do look delicious!

  2. Wow, they look great. And with your mild weather, you shouldn't have to worry about them frying themselves BEFORE you butcher them. I'm sure you all will be eating VERY well!