Thursday, March 20

The snow is melting

And so is our Snowhenge. In fact, amazing structure previously known to the world as Snowhenge is now so pitiful it is barely visible.

We went to the library the other day, and I didn't feel like looking at books, so I sat at the computer instead, and started playing with Microsoft Word. Would you believe I never play with that at home? Anyway, I wanted to do something impressive, you know, something that I could leave there for the enjoyment of future generations, so I began writing guitar tabs. Now I don't know if you've ever seen tabs, but they're not easy to read. And would you believe that they're not easy to write on the computer either? It's true! Honestly, I think it is easier to just sight read real music than to decipher tabs. But, after many long, hard minutes of trial and error, I finally had produced a true masterpiece; I wrote the entire intro to Everything Glorious in tab form, clearly enough that anyone brave enough to attempt it could play it on a guitar. Wow, huh? In fact, I will write it right here.


Yep, there it is. Impressive eh? So anyone who wants to can play that if they can read it, just keep playing it over and over through the whole song.(BTW, "h" stands for "hammer" and "p" stands for "pull off.")

The Third Day concert was really good. There were three opening acts, by Revive, Decemberadio, and Santus Real. It was a lot of fun.

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