Thursday, November 9

Northward bound update

I don't have the date yet, but we should close on the sale of our home in the next week or so.

We're mostly packed now. I could get the rest done in a long day if I had to. Or if Lynae helped me, a reasonable day. Somehow Toby just doesn't "get" practical packing guidelines. I hope his things make the trip intact. But he's working hard at other big projects for me, so it all works out.

Today it got up to 79ยบ here, and Lynae doesn't have any short-sleeved shirts unpacked. She's a trooper, though, and I haven't heard her complain.

We're putting in an offer on a house about 10 minutes from the school I used to attend. It's right across the road from an active railroad track. It's at the edge of town (pop. 102). There's a bit of water in the basement. The cell reception in that area is poor. And I might not be able to get DSL. But all that aside, it is by far the nicest house we'll look at. It was built in 1920 and lovingly cared for. If our offer is accepted, I'll share pictures. If not, we'll rent through the winter and see what 2007 has in store for us.

You're right. Those things I mentioned about the house are very minor. And that's all the "cons" I could think of. If I were to go on about what's right about the place, you'd be reading here much longer. And I'd get all excited. So, in an effort to remain relatively sane, the "pros" will wait until such time as an offer is accepted. :-)


  1. Well I'll try to stay sane in my response.

    That sounds very ... okay. ;-)

  2. Looking forward to hearing what God has in store. We'll see....