Monday, October 16

Winter cometh

I suppose that after a post like my previous one, a two-week absence might make it look like I've been licking my wounds. LOL Actually, I've been pretty busy.

I had a friend over last week, and she showed Lynae and me how to make soap. The house still smells like almond, and the kids started using the soap yesterday. It's a huge hit, and everyone is hoping we can make another batch on our own soon.

Last week also brought us the first two offers on our house. Both came on the same day, one by email and one by phone. Both couples had only seen the listing on the internet. We spent that day and night on an emotional rollercoaster, and promptly jumped off the following day when the better of the two offers fell through. As timing was awkward (the remaining offer was from overseas), we had to wait until this morning to find out if we had a signed contract. We did! So Loren and I signed the contract this morning. It looks like we'll be moving just after Thanksgiving, but the exact timing is in God's hands.

It also looks like Loren has found someone in Minnesota who will rent to him short-term until we move up with him. Woo-hoo!

So our next priority is getting Loren ready to leave later this week. Then he'll be scoping out houses and getting his restaurant team hired and trained, and I'll be packing. Ain't no turnin' back now!


  1. Well I guess it's really going to happen, huh? As much as I'm selfishly sad to see you all go, I'm happy that this means you all & Loren won't have to be apart much waiting for a house to sell. It's so true - God's timing is never early and never late. :o)

  2. That's funny, Nancy... this was originally titled "He's an on-time God".

  3. Wow! I didn't know the part about "later this week". Is it "later" or is he still home? I'm so happy for you!!! (And I don't think there are too many poisonous spiders up there. ;))

  4. He'll be on the road today, after enjoying the weekly pancake tradition and peeling the six of us off of him.