Wednesday, September 20

It's Treacherous Under the Oaks

One night last month, we lost a tree in a storm. It landed on our power line and took out our whole meter assembly. The tree hovered precariously over our garage. I believe it was held up by a limb... or more likely, angels. The next morning, the tree fell the rest of the way. Rather than crashing through our garage roof, it slid off the back. The only damage to the garage is on the outside of the three corner panels.

A few days ago, we had another storm. We lost a large oak halfway up the driveway. It took down a second tree completely. The limbs shaved off about half of a third, small tree across the driveway. And a fourth tree, another oak, is arched to the ground, pinned under the huge tree that fell. I will be interested to see if it springs back up when cleanup commences. I hope it does, and safely.

I had just turned my concerns from the tree situation when the water meter readers paid me a visit. They noticed a jump in our usage. I had no explanation for that, but knew it meant a whole lot more stress and likely a whole lot more money flowing from our bank account. After testing inside the house and finding no leaks, I sent Toby to investigate under the house. We had a river flowing up from the dirt under the house, and a pond in the yard several feet away. (sigh)

We've had a VERY hard time getting repair people to come out in a timely manner. Now I'm trying to get a plumber who's willing to work under our trailer AND someone to remove trees.

Have I mentioned lately that Loren will be moving to the Duluth/Cloquet area in mid-October? At this point, I don't know how. It'll have to be orchestrated by God. Homeowner's insurance is great, but there is that deductible.

In other news, my jaw is out of whack. My bite is messed up. The up side to this is that I cannot clench my teeth as I usually do when I'm working under stress. The down side is that it's very difficult to eat. I suppose some of my readership might be wondering if that's truly a down side, considering.

I should probably get that checked out, but can't imagine finding the time to do it this week. And anyway, sometimes it provides a distraction from the rest of the devastation.

I can't wait to see how God works all this stuff out!


  1. Oh ((((((((((Heidi))))))))))) ... all that makes out of tune vehicles seem like nothing. Praying for God's grace and mercy in your situation.

  2. Goodness Heidi! I am praying for each of those things to be resolved in a timely manner.

    BIG ole' squishy (((((((HUGS)))))))!!

    I'm sending in the Hazmat form today. I hope to order by Monday.

    Have a wonnnnderful rest of your Wednesday.