Friday, February 3

Nothing works out the way you'd expect

Well, we still don't have a new door. The one we ordered was too tall. And we still don't have new carpet because the salesman was using funny math that never did add up on paper, though he insisted it made perfect sense. I now wonder if dyslexia was part of the problem.

One result of all that mess is that the computer still isn't in the living room. And because of that, the kids' computer isn't hooked up. That's one of the reasons they haven't been blogging. The other is that they're so darn busy right now. But they'll be back!

Last night I heard from a friend from my childhood who is battling colon cancer. My heart breaks at the thought of her suffering. But she's still exudes God's love, and will forever. I'm so grateful to know her!


  1. I hope your week is going well! Doing well here - going to spend a few days making out Valentine cards to mail out. :)

    LOL on the "I am not a store". I'd feel so honored if you used it. :P

    Have a wonderful Wednesday! ~ Robin

  2. P.S. I will pray for your friend. And you. :)

  3. I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you. :)

    You are a very special person to me!


  4. Ever feel like you are talking to yourself? LOL LOL Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Yes! That would be awesome to go all together to Wild Oats. I love that place. I've lost 9 pounds in the past 3 weeks! Wahooo! Thanks in part to Wild Oats and also all these cool recipes in PV.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, my friend. Hugs to you - Me!

  5. LOL @ the cereal. I think it's totally cool that you got organic cereal! We used it from when the girls were preschool until a month or two ago. We switched to oatmeal because they are both older and can each make me some! LOL

    Have a terrific Tuesday!