Friday, December 9

Gratitude For a Sovereign God

Mood-setting media: The song I can't get out of my head

It's a big day: a treasured IRL friend is loading a truck to move across the country. A treasured internet friend just got home from the hospital after surgery. Another internet friend is grieving the loss of her father. And my sister is having her baby.

My own life is boring by comparison - praise the Lord! And praise the Lord, He is in control of all these situations, as well as the child who was hit and killed by the skidding plane, and the two brothers who were killed in car accidents 20 minutes apart, leaving their father with unspeakable grief.

With that in mind, it seems I should be able to handle my own burdens with wisdom, patience, and a grateful attitude. Lord, help me to do so. And be with my friends and my sister through these big changes in their lives.

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