Sunday, November 6

Reason #59

to home church:

Or maybe go straight to a prayer meetin'!

Praise the Lord! We lost a tree and a huge limb in last night's storm, but they were both up the hill and not near the house. I often stay awake during such storms just in case a tree falls on the house. Wouldn't that be a rude awakening?!

I'm so thankful for a husband who will tighten the chain on his chainsaw when I mention that it's loose, rather than disregard my interference.


  1. Heidi...I'm glad you guys were all kept safe!

  2. We had one of those rude awakenings years ago - lightning strike on a tree ~ 6'outside our bedroom window, ~ midnight. It was LOUD and BRIGHT! Ric swears he saw the light through his eyelids. We both sat bolt upright, then I said, "Get the kids!" They were upstairs, still sound asleep. (~ 6 & 1, maybe) Fried most of our electronics.

  3. I'm glad you're all safe and sound!!!!
    *Doug's going to be so jealous that Loren actually gets to USE his chainsaw!*

  4. Love your site. Now I can hang out with you, and Esther, and Lyn and Kathleen ... oh, wait. I already do that. Never mind.